Empowering Muslims Towards a Unified Islamic Civilization

Camlica Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

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Featured Paper

Secular Integration Models and Global Governance Schemes: Lessons for Ummatic Integration

There are multiple pathways by which the Umma might become more integrated: leadership might come from an existing or new state, a group of states, the private sector, a civic organization, or from a source as yet unexplored. This paper focuses on just one of those pathways—the multilateral organization—to consider what lessons secular iterations of this model in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries might offer for reflection on ummatic integration.


Registration Now Open: 2023 Inaugural Ummatics Conference

Registration is now open for Ummatics' 2023 Inaugural Conference: "Umma Beyond the Nation-State: Imagination, Solidarity, Praxis" to be held June 13-15 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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