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Irredeemable Failure: The Modern Nation-State as a Nullifier of Ummatic Unity

Muslims must think beyond the oppressive imagined boundaries of the modern nation-state if they are to ever reclaim ummatic agency.


Media Forming and Undermining Ummatic Sentiments

Ummatics Colloquium: Media Forming and Undermining Ummatic Sentiments Our upcoming...

Colloquium: Islam and Blackness ft. Dr. Jonathan Brown

Ummatics Colloquium: Islam and Blackness Summary Our August 2023 colloquium featured...

Early Ḥanafī Authorities on the Imamate

This article presents six annotated translations of excerpts on governance/political authority from early (pre-8th century Hijri) classical Ḥanafi works across a few genres, Islamic law (fiqh), rational theology (kalām), and Quranic exegesis (tafsīr).

On Ḥakimiyyah: Sovereignty of God and Communal Authority

Who is sovereign? This is not a purely speculative...