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In a world where economic interests are key in shaping political realities, it is imperative to think deeper about any form of Ummatic unification in those terms. The Muslim world suffers from a multitude of economic challenges and constraints. Although inter-trade among Muslim countries can represent a venue for economic prosperity and a venue for further political convergence, there are geopolitical constraints that hinder their development. At the same time, these governments impose trade regulations that can discourage the private sector from branching out and partnering with other private Muslim entities abroad, leaving the Muslim world vulnerable to the waves of the global political economy. Considering the mentioned constraints, what are the possibilities of economic collaboration among governments or private entities in the Muslim world that can realize political power and possible Ummatic unity?

The Ummatics Colloquium is honored to host Dr. Adeel Malik, the Globe Fellow in the Economies of Muslim Societies and Associate Professor at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Adeel Malik is a development macroeconomist with a strong multi-disciplinary orientation. His research focuses on long-run development, political economy, and economic history, with a special emphasis on Muslim societies. Combining quantitative and qualitative research methods, he engages in cross-country empirical studies on development. Notably, his recent article on ‘The Economics of the Arab Spring’ received the Best Paper Award and has been translated into Arabic and other languages, gaining recognition in The Economist magazine. Dr. Malik also explores the interplay between religion, land, and politics in Pakistan as part of an IFPRI-funded project. He holds the Globe Fellowship in the Economies of Muslim Societies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and serves as an associate editor of the Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (Middle East Economics and Finance). His research on the Middle East’s political economy has been featured in CNN, Fortune Magazine, and other prominent media outlets.

The discussion and Q&A session will be moderated by Dr. Usaama Al-Azami.

Mark your calendars: Saturday, March 30, 2024
11AM Eastern Time


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