Society and Civilization

Ibn Yusuf Madrasa, Marrakesh, Morocco

Our study of society and civilization connects theory to practice in exploring the numerous opportunities and obstacles for unity across Muslim regions.

This discipline focuses on the ways ummatic solidarity can and already does animate Muslim life, as well as how the Umma is theorized, conceptualized, and informs Muslims’ lived experiences. In addition, concepts and strategies for societal transformation are considered through engagements with classical and contemporary Islamic thinkers who have deliberated on patterns of historic, cultural, and social change, as well as modern social theories, concepts, and disciplines such as future studies, cultural studies, and systems thinking. Our goal is to provide multi-dimensional and multi-layered micro, meso, and macro meta-analyses of the issues affecting Muslim societies in majority and minority contexts.

Some of the questions and areas covered by our study of Society and Civilization

What the global social, cultural, and civilizational trends Muslim thinkers and change makers need to be aware of

What the immediate and long term social challenges facing individual Muslim states are

What we can learn from influential non-Muslim thinkers and social movements in the recent past and present

How we can build, sustain, and promote networks that nurture new generations of Muslim scholars, activists, entrepreneurs, and influencers that think in an ummatic way

What the most impactful ways of working collectively are for addressing the social and civilisational challenges that we face in our separate countries, as an Umma, and as human beings

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