Marketing Assistant – Social Media

The Ummatics Institute is seeking a Marketing Assistant – Social Media. This role is essential to building Ummatics’ marketing engagement strategy with globalized Muslims. The Social Media Assistant will be primarily responsible for optimizing Ummatics’ social media engagement strategy. The approximate time commitment of this role is 5-10 hours per week.

The Marketing Assistant – Social Media is self-motivated, highly organized and a good communicator who aligns with Ummatics’ mission, vision, and values. This position is on a volunteer basis, however, an honorarium will be provided at the end of each month with a possibility of employment in future positions and projects.

Required Qualifications

  • Strong writer and creative and critical thinker with the ability to write social media copy that matches Ummatics’ marketing objectives, tone, and key messaging
  • Must be able to clearly and effectively deliver Ummatics’ social media content through the broader Ummatics vision, mission, and values


  • Write quality and engaging social media copy that consistently matches Ummatics’ needs, tone and brand
  • Submit social media schedule and copy for approval
  • Thoughtfully and appropriately respond to online comments when appropriate to enhance engagement and nurture discussion
  • Take the lead on refining Ummatics’ social media campaigns and content strategy to engage online audiences with Ummatics’ research and events
  • Collaborate with Ummatics marketing director to execute social media strategy
  • Proofread social media copy for detail and accuracy





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