Ummatics Colloquium

Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq

The Ummatics Institute seeks to host a variety of forums with the aim of facilitating critical discourses on ummatic thought and practice.

These forums support the Institute’s broad goals by providing a unique dialogical space for scholars, experts, thought leaders, and community organizers to collectively address topics of importance to the Muslim Umma and its future. The first of these forums is the Ummatics Colloquium.


The Ummatics Colloquium is a regular online academic seminar which brings together scholars and students from across the globe who have expertise or interest in areas of relevance to ummatic thought and practice. The Colloquium facilitates a discursive space for critical conversations on the latest publications, new and abiding questions, as well as fresh perspectives with the aim of fostering an ummatic community and network.

Objectives of the Colloquium

Facilitate & Elevate

Facilitate and elevate the quality and quantity of discourses about ummatic thought and practice

Support & Augment

Support and augment ummatic thinking about issues that affect the Muslim World and the Muslim diaspora

Cultivate & Build

Foster a community of mutually-supportive thinkers and researchers on ummatic topics

Past Colloquia