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What is Ummatics?

What is the Ummatics project? How do we define Ummatics as a concept? What is the Islamic imperative of Ummatic solidarity? What are the implications of this imperative? And, perhaps most importantly, how might we consider Ummatics as a discourse within the Islamic notions of revival (iḥyāʾ) and renewal (tajdīd) that are grounded in the framework of mutual counsel (naṣīḥa) and rendered to the scholars, leaders, and generality of Muslims?

Colloquium: Still Recalling the Caliphate?

https://youtu.be/ZGi4OMc6aJY For Ummatics’ March 2023 colloquium, we welcomed Dr. Salman...

Inventing Generation M: The Umma and Neoliberalism

The Muslim Umma is akin to a living organism;...

Colloquium: An Ummatic Approach to Refugee Ethics

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue4D_G1CQc8 For our February colloquium (held on Wednesday, February 15...

Islam Beyond Borders: Building Ummatic Solidarity in the 21st Century

To achieve great unity we must rethink our current assumptions, develop new ways of overcoming our differences and build alternative ummatic futures that transcend the imagined borders of the mind.