What We Believe

Submissions and Guidelines

The Ummatics Institute publishes original, double-blind peer-reviewed papers on topics of relevance to ummatic thought and practice (see our 'Topics' section for more on our areas of interest). These papers are predominantly commissioned by the editorial team. However, we also welcome external pitches, for which interested authors are encouraged to send a 500-word paper proposal and short one paragraph author bio to Uthman Badar (ubadar@ummatics.org). The proposal should outline the paper in sufficient depth and justify its ummatic relevance and need.

We welcome pitches for original research papers of high standard that contribute to the Institute’s vision, mission, and goals. We are especially interested in papers that overlap with our main areas of focus and disciplinary specializations. All papers go through a thorough process of review and are expected to adhere to the following formatting and citations guidelines: