What We Believe

The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

We believe a comprehensive unity of Muslim societies is essential for the confident spiritual renewal, intellectual development, and economic prosperity of the Umma.

At the same time, we claim the Umma is inherently ummatic in its ways of thinking, feeling, and being. The Umma is therefore naturally at the center of our work as a unit of analysis, as an aspirational ideal, and as a potentially powerful and productive agent capable of changing the world.

Our Values


Our motivation and methods are grounded in the Quran, Prophetic model, and Islamic tradition.


Muslim unity is strongest when it is ummaticly inclusive and pluralistic.

Health & Medical


Groundbreaking scholarship must utilize multiple sources of knowledge and be resilient in the face of changing times.

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Real problems call for concrete solutions that take into consideration the world and its people as they are.


Reshaping the status quo requires brave and pioneering approaches.


We are committed to openness and accountability in all aspects of our work.


Muslim unity depends on multiple, mutually reinforcing efforts in various domains.