Ummatics Colloquium Palestine: The Premier Ummatic Cause


In our previous colloquium, we discussed the role media plays in the development of Ummatic sentiment among Muslims worldwide. We discussed the challenges caused by the rise of Islamophobia and censorship. In this Colloquium, we focused on the agency of the Muslim public in shaping public opinion, specifically in relation to the bombardment of Gaza. Dr. Ramzy Baroud, author and Editor of “The Palestine Chronicle”, discussed the reasons why Palestine assumes prime importance in Muslim consciousness worldwide and the history of global Muslim involvement with the cause. Sami Hamdi, Managing Director at the International Interest, shared his analysis of the potentialities of the current Muslim public opinion pressure. Finally, Laila Al-Arian, American Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist, tracked both the presence and absence of the Ummatic perspective in media coverage and social media activity on the current war.

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