Ummatics colloquium poster: Media Forming and Undermining Ummatic Sentiments

Ummatics Colloquium: Media Forming and Undermining Ummatic Sentiments

Our upcoming colloquium will delve into the role of media in shaping and undermining Ummatic sentiment among Muslims.

Attention will be given in the discussion to the role played by Islamophobia in modern media discourses in rendering certain Islamic terms and concepts that form Muslims’ collective identity to be unacceptable and/or illegitimate, thereby subverting Muslim attempts at cultivating Ummatic solidarity.

Joining us as presenters are:

  • Dr. Salman Al-Azami, Senior lecturer in Language, Media and Communication at Liverpool Hope University
  • Dr. Mohamad H. Elmasry, Associate Professor of Media Studies at the Doha Institute
  • Dr. Michael Munnik, Senior Lecturer in Social Science Theories and Methods at Cardiff University

The discussion and Q&A session will be moderated by Dr. Usaama al-Azami, Departmental Lecturer in Contemporary Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, October 7th, at 11 AM Eastern Time.

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